LearnPlus Bootstrap v4.1.0

Released on 24 November, 2018


Preview LearnPlus Bootstrap demos online or you can find the static files from our online demos in the dist/ directory of the download package. You can open the precompiled demo from the download package:

Or, start a web server:


npm version

LearnPlus Bootstrap includes a modern development workflow based on Webpack and laravel-mix which compiles Sass, ES6 JavaScript, Vue files, handles production builds, watchers, multiple CSS themes and more. This entire workflow is contained into an installable package named theme-mix.

The download package does not include any vendor libraries. To install all the dependencies, run:

Create a webpack.mix.js file at the root of your project:

Update package.json with the workflow:


Create a theme-mix.yaml file at the root of your project. These are the default configuration options, except copy which by default is an empty list.:


Development build:

Production build (includes extra minification, optimizations and cleanup):


Start a web server and automatically rebuild your changes as you make them:


Run specific tasks