Release Notes

LearnPlus Bootstrap v4.0.0

Released on 24 November, 2018

LearnPlus Bootstrap v4.0.0


  • add ui-learnplus-bootstrap package
  • upgrade bootstrap to v4.1.3
  • upgrade chart.js to v2.7.3
  • upgrade and to v1.10.19
  • upgrade jquery.fancytree to v2.30.0
  • upgrade material-design-kit to v1.0.0-alpha.22
  • upgrade moment to v2.22.2
  • upgrade moment-timezone to v0.5.21
  • upgrade popper to v1.14.4
  • upgrade jquery to v3.3.1
  • upgrade dropzone to v5.5.1
  • upgrade fm-app-settings to v2.0.0
  • replace simplebar with perfect-scrollbar
  • replace summernote with quill
  • replace bootstrap-datepicker with flatpickr
  • remove bootstrap-timepicker
  • remove morris.js
  • remove sidebar-collapse package
  • add highlight.js
  • replace datatables with list.js
  • add moment-range

Dev Packages

  • upgrade browser-sync to v2.26.3
  • upgrade browser-sync-webpack-plugin to v2.2.2
  • upgrade cross-env to v5.2.0
  • upgrade lite-server to v2.4.0
  • upgrade surge to v0.20.1
  • upgrade theme-mix to v1.0.1
  • enable sourcemaps in development


  • refactor nunjucks layouts
  • remove nunjucks page block statements from most pages (autoloaded from src/html/partials/page.$slug.html)
  • move nunjucks page styles and scripts to autoloaded src/html/partials/{head,footer}.$slug.html
  • cleanup and restructure Sass variables
  • move src/sass/style/* to src/sass
  • rename src/sass/examples to src/sass/vendor
  • rename main entry style.scss to app.scss
  • rename main entry javascript main.js to app.js
  • rename src/js/examples to src/js/vendor

Bootstrap v4-beta.2 to v4.1.3 changes

  • remove .custom-control-indicator
  • remove .custom-control-description
  • place label.custom-control-label inside .custom-control
  • place label.custom-file-label inside .custom-file
  • remove .custom-file-control
  • add .custom-file-input to .custom-file > input
  • cleanup custom forms style fixes from bootstrap v4-beta.2
  • remove .input-group-addon and .input-group-btn and replace with .input-group-append and .input-group-prepend
  • wrap .input-group text in .input-group-text


  • remove .media-middle class from .media-body and add .align-items-center to .media wrapper
  • fix .icon-block icon vertical alignment
  • remove .bg-white helper (included with bs 4.1.3)
  • remove google web fonts from html head tag and load via css import
  • replace mdk tooltips with bootstrap tooltips on student dashboard
  • fix page scroll performance on calendar layout
  • fix instructor edit account links from layouts sidebar menu


  • add RTL
  • add preloader
  • add theme settings
  • improve popovers
  • add page headings
  • improve pagination
  • improve buttons
  • improve cards
  • improve list groups
  • improve color scheme
  • improve breadcrumbs
  • improve tabs

Typography & Rythm

  • update containers max widths to fit on a horizontal 8pt grid
  • update spacings to improve vertical rythm by using a type scale and a 8pt vertical grid
  • add typefaces for display and body text
  • change <code> text color to primary color
  • improve bold type
  • reduce base font size to .9375rem
  • improve text muted color


  • add badges page
  • add alerts page
  • add icons page
  • add avatars page
  • add loaders page
  • fix page scroll performance on components layout
  • replace switch toggle with new custom toggle checkbox
  • improve buttons page
  • add button outline white variant
  • improve cards page
  • improve progress page
  • improve tables page


  • add sweet alert page
  • improve charts page
  • add drag & drop page
  • improve nestable page
  • improve tree page


  • add font awesome icons
  • remove material icons cdn and replace with local npm package


  • add forms / basic
  • add forms / validation
  • add forms / search
  • add forms / merge group
  • add forms / rounded
  • add forms / flush
  • add forms / toggle
  • add forms / custom controls
  • add forms / date picker
  • add forms / input masking
  • add forms / rich text editor


  • add tables / toggle checkboxes
  • add tables / sort columns
  • add tables / search
  • improve table heading style

Student pages

  • fix student take quiz countdown timer
  • improve invoice page
  • improve help center page
  • improve student / my courses page
  • fix page scroll performance on student pages

Instructor pages

  • improve earnings chart on instructor dashboard page
  • fix instructor earnings responsive table
  • fix page scroll performance on instructor pages
  • improve instructor / dashboard / transactions card

Fixed layout

  • add secondary navbar to fixed layout
  • add component pages to fixed layout

Fluid layout

  • increase drawer layout responsive breakpoint to 992px
  • reduce container-fluid max width on fluid layout to 944px


  • fix forum thread reply buttons